An immigration lawyer’s duty is to provide the best possible solution and the best and sound advice to people looking to hire an experienced lawyer. A Toronto Immigration lawyer is also someone who will help you cope with citizenship concerns like immigration and a whole lot more complicated immigration issue. These problems might be more complicated with various factors such as constant immigration reforms by the federal government. The duty of a professional  should also be to help you find the best resolution and provide you the best service possible without looking for his/her own personal interest.

Responsibilities of a Toronto Immigration Lawyer
Duties & Responsibilities of a Toronto Immigration Lawyer

Relationship between the client and the immigration lawyer

Here is a list of basic rules that a immigration law professional must follow:

  • Be ethical and always follow practices that are legal
  • Deliver the best service possible driven by strong analysis and research
  • Efficient communication with the client is a mandate
  • No vested interests in the case involved
  • Keeping information confidential is a must. The client’s right to privacy must be respected.
  • Shouldn’t have a personal bond with the client
  • The lawyer must be a  loyal resource that the client can count on

Most importantly the privacy of the client is to be maintained. No other party must know the details unless it has been authorized to be shared by the client themselves.

Responsibilities as a client after hiring an immigration lawyer:

As a client you have to follow a few rules as well. Let’s not forget that there is a lot of cooperation and coordination involved here. The clients are required to sign an agreement before signing up with a lawyer.

  • Clients are expected to be honest with the lawyer
  • Always willing to coordinate and respond positively whenever needed
  • Accessible to the lawyer
  • Regular with lawyer’s payments

Some of these rules are basic and are understood even though the agreement isn’t signed.

As stated earlier, the lawyer isn’t only appearing in court for the client. There is a lot of work behind the scenes that the lawyers do in order to pursue a case. In all their steps they may need to discuss matters with the client. Hence complete cooperation and coordination are key to a successful relationship. For more info, you can read here.

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