There are a lot of rules that a private investigator has to follow if he wants to be in the trade for long. They have to abide by the rules set by the industry, provincial, municipal and federal institutes. Private investigator Toronto has made an account of the dos and don’ts that a private investigator has to follow.


The entire industry of private investigation is regulated by PSISA or Private Security and Investigative Services Act. Rules of conduct, norms and regulations are all provided by them. Every licensed investigator has to abide by them. They are supposed to turn the investigation industry into a professional one and contribute to the maintenance of public safety. They also ensure the reception of proper skills by the investigators by giving them proper training. Private investigator Toronto emphasizes on how important it is to follow these norms.

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General rules

  1. They need valid licenses.
  2. The license must be carried by the investigator at all times while on duty.
  3. They must make use of the license to identify them and show it to anyone who asks for validation.

There are also a number of don’t set out for them by PSISA as observed by Private investigator Toronto

  1. They cannot carry any symbol showing authority like a badge.
  2. They can’t do police work or pretend to be them, like arrest someone.
  3. They cannot use titles such as, detective, officer or private detective.
  4. They cannot use law enforcement words or police words when describing their own work.


A private investigator also has to maintain proper conduct while at work.

  1. They must be respectful towards people and act professional.
  2. They must not discriminate amongst people.
  3. They must be honest in their actions
  4. They must not use offensive language.
  5. They must not use too much force.
  6. They must never be under influence.


A private investigator will be at the risk of losing their license if they do not abide by the rules set for them by PSISA as private investigator Toronto informs. They might also have to pay a fine of up to $25,000 or even be imprisoned for a year.

Municipal, federal and provincial laws of privacy

Three acts, PIPEDA, FIPPA and MFIPPA are acts that private investigators must know about and follow.

PIPEDA- This is applicable on personal information that federal organizations who conduct commercial activities have collected.

FIPPA- This governs the records that the government holds like colleges, universities and designated agencies.

MFIPPA- This governs the records that municipalities hold.private investigation in toronto

Other Laws

Apart from the above mentioned laws, there are a few other laws that investigators should follow as advised by private investigator Toronto.

  1. Investigators must not trespass anyone’s property without being authorized. They must also leave someone’s property once the permission is withdrawn.
  2. For wiretapping an investigator must have a warrant, without it they will be considered criminals as the act is illegal.

These were a few rules among the many that an investigator has to follow if they want to continue their work successfully.

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